Tourism Agents Question MTA Sponsorship of Non-Tourist Airline
2 May 2017 - 13:38

Tourism stakeholders call on the Malta Tourism Authority to confirm or deny the report that appeared in the local media that it has given a sponsorship of €1 million to a private business airline.

The Federated Association of Travel & Tourism Agents (FATTA) strongly objects to any such type of sponsorship which appears manifestly beyond the remit of the MTA.

The MTA should not hide behind smokescreens of “commercial sensitivity” and must explain how this sponsorship fits in with the Authority’s mission and vision, values, objectives and work as highlighted on its corporate website.

The Authority must also declare why it feels this sponsorship opportunity should take priority over sorely needed investment in other activities or projects that are certainly more in line with its mission and more likely to achieve its objectives.

FATTA also calls on the Authority to confirm whether such a substantial single investment was ever specifically discussed and approved by its Board.