What is Fatta
The Statute of the Federated Assocation of Travel and Tourism Agents was approved in 2004, and last amended in 2022. It includes, among other matters, procedures regarding the establishment and functions of the President , Executive Council and its two Directorates, general membership, governance, elections, disciplinary procedures.

The Aims and Objections of the Association are:

The principal objectives for which the Association is established is to act on behalf of members, groups of members, or all members, on their request, in the regulation of relations between employers and employees as an employers’ Association.

Other objects for which the Association is established are:

  • To unite and represent all persons who own, manage, or operate destination management companies, in Malta;
  • To promote and safeguard the interests of the travel and tourism industries in general, and in particular the interest of the members of the Association;
  • To represent the travel and tourism industries in general on boards, bodies, entities, councils, or other associations, whether or not created by law, and whether promoted or appointed by Government or private enterprise, aimed at promoting, marketing, improving and generally overseeing or examining the development of travel and tourism industries into and out of Malta, and all other matters which may affect, directly or indirectly, the travel and tourism industries;
  • To promote, foster and encourage at national level the formulation and implementation of legislative measures and policies designed to encourage, assist, create and develop private enterprise, profitable growth, productive employment, and competitiveness, and in particular to guide, assist and encourage the undertaking of projects, works and exercises designed to render Malta competitive in the field of tourism;
  • To unite all employers in the travel and tourism industries in a common endeavour to establish and thereafter maintain the best possible relations among members of the Association, and between the members of the Association and their respective employees;
  • To promote and undertake by negotiation and/or arbitration the settlement of any industrial dispute which may arise between individual members and their respective employees;
  • To co-operate with other industrial and trade organisations for the regulation of the relations among employers and/or between employers and employees;
  • To provide a forum for regular consultation between members and other related bodies on matters of common interest;
  • To dispense to members an advisory and consultative service on any matter concerning the travel and tourism industries;
  • To obtain from members and to maintain available at all times up-to-date statistical and other data as may be deemed necessary or desirable in order to monitor the prevailing situation of the travel and tourism industries in Malta;
  • To obtain from other appropriate sources statistics or other data which may have relevance to the travel and toursm industries in Malta;
  • To promote or oppose legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect members;
  • To co-operate with and/or become a member or associate of any organisation of employers, internationally or otherwise, whose main objects are identical or similar to those of the Association;
  • To purchase, construct, maintain and alter buildings as necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Association;
  • To prosecute or defend any suit, application and proceeding before any court or tribunal whatsoever as may in the opinion of the Council be deemed necessary or expedient in the interests of the Association or its members;
  • To accept, undertake or execute any trust or gift which may be deemed to be in accordance with or which may further benefit the objects of the Association or any of them;
  • To contribute, borrow or raise or to secure the payment of money in such manner as the Association shall think fit upon such terms and conditions as shall be deemed expedient;
  • To raise funds by means of subscription of members and levies on members or otherwise for all purposes and objects of the Association in such amounts and in such manner as may be decided by the Council from time to time;
  • To print and publish newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and other publications, and to disseminate information through any other medium of communication, with respect to matters relating to the objects of the Association;
  • To subscribe for or acquire shares, stock or other titles, in persons and enterprises having like or similar objects as those of the Association, the subscription or acquisition of which is likely or intended to have a beneficial effect on the travel and tourism industries in Malta, and to invest the funds of the Association in such manner as it is reasonably calculated to generate profits for the Association;
  • To do all things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association or any of them.